Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wed, Aug 26: Fairbanks

It is overcast and looks like it might rain again this morning. We get up and have a nice breakfast then just mess around on the computer until about noon. Carolyn gets everything put away and Dick disconnects the rig so we can take it to the shop for the 1:00PM appointment. The computer shop is just down the street so we stop first and leave the computer. At the computer shop, the lady tells us the computer will be ready in two hours. Since we are going to the movies, we tell her we will be back after 4pm and head to the garage to drop the rig.

We have a little time to kill before the movie starts so we go to the store. The sky is clearing and it looks like we will have some steak cooking weather later so we buy steak and all the trimmings including fresh corn and strawberry shortcake makings.

We then head to the theater and get tickets for Harry Potter. Dick doesn’t enjoy it as much as the first shows...he said it was to dark, but I think the fact that the three stars are not as cute as they were as kids makes a difference too.

While we are at the show the garage calls and tells Dick that there are some parts that need to be replaced in the wheel and, if they can find them, the rig will be ready this afternoon! Lovely! Dick tells them that the rig is our hotel and not to leave us stranded! OK, now lets enjoy the show!

We come out of the theater to blue sky and bright sunshine...nice! We pick the computer up... after this repair and the repairs on it right before we left, Carolyn’s computer has all completely new insides at no cost, only the case and the hard drive are original equipment! Warrantys are wonderful!

We head back to the garage and get the good news...the rig will be ready in a few minutes...all fixed and ready to travel...thank goodness. The couple next to us at the campground have been stuck in Fairbanks for 26 days and counting! They are in a fifth wheel and their truck engine died on them near Tok. They were towed to the campground for $2400 and are now waiting on getting the truck repairs finished. That is one of those Alaska trip horror tales.

Back “home” and all hooked up, we enjoy the beautiful afternoon. Dick cooks the steak and the corn on the grilland Carolyn fixes the strawberries and shortcake. It is a pleasant evening with all our known problems solved.

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