Monday, August 10, 2009

Sun, Aug 9: Banff National Park, Banff, Alberta, Canada

Twelve hours of sleep should do us both good. It is cool this morning, too much so to eat outside.

Carolyn figures out what went wrong with the reservations. We spent only two nights in Greybull, when the trip plan called for three. One should check their plan every now and then! Guess that shows how bad Carolyn was feeling! No problem though. We do try to move up the reservations at Lake Louise and Jasper one day each, but Lake Louise is full, so we just leave everything as is with the extra night in Banff. The camp site is nice; there is plenty to do and see and we need the rest. Dick is still not feeling too well, so our plan for today is to rest and recoup, maybe even get better organized with our picture storage.

We spend the morning at the campsite, both of us working on the computer on the current blog report and pictures plus the Around The World picture book. About 2:00PM we have lunch and head into town. We need eggs and milk and an ATM machine. That taken care of we walk around the nice little downtown of Banff. It is very touristy, but pretty.

After buying a couple of Christmas items and a Royal Canadian Mounted Police pin for Jack, we head to an internet café at a hostel. Believe it or not, it has free internet! We double check our reservation date at Laird Hot Springs for Aug 15th and Dick does some banking business. We will come by here tomorrow and get the blog caught up.
Back at the campsite we have our cocktails and fix chicken and dressing along with strawberry shortcake for supper.

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