Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mon, Aug 10: Banff National Park, Banff, Albert, Canada

This morning started at 10:15AM! We must really be tired, especially Dick, He never sleeps this late. He still doesn’t feel very good. The cough is getting to him. It is cool and a little overcast.

We get going and have some breakfast and plan the day. After reading through Milepost, a guide to driving to Alaska, Dick decided he needed to get some extra filters and oil. We checked out the store here in Banff yesterday and it didn’t have a good food selection so we are going to head out of the Park to Canmore later today; maybe the shopping will be better.

About 1:00PM we get on the road and drive a scenic loop by the Hoodoos, strange rock formations above the Bow River. We then head to Lake Minnewanka. It is a beautiful man made lake originally dammed up in 1912. We met three people going scuba diving. They said the water is in the 50's and that people dive the lake year round, brrr...! We then drove over to Two Jack Lake

and on to Johnson Lake.This lake is a popular lake for swimming and picnicing. There are lots of people and even some swimming.The scenery is gorgeous!I fixed a lunch for us, but Dick doesn’t feel like eating so we headed out of the park to Canmore looking for an auto parts place, a grocery and some place to get some medicine for Dick.

Canmore is a resort town just outside the park boundary. We quickly find an auto parts place and Dick gets what he needs. We find a local, chain, food store that is really nice with lots of speciality items. Carolyn picks up a few more fresh things. There is a pharmacy in the store and the pharmacist recommends something for Dick too.

We get back to the rig about 4PM and just relax for a while before grilling hamburgers for dinner and grilling some chicken we got at the store for some later meals. The medicine seems to have helped Dick as he is feeling better.

Dick then heads over to the wifi hot spot we found to check on some business and Carolyn works on the blog. We head for Lake Louise tomorrow. We will try to post this as we leave town.

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