Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thurs, Aug 13: On the Road to Dawson Creek, British Columbia, Canada

The only problem with the park campgrounds is there is no water and sewer at the sites and the central dump and water source is not large enough to handle everyone at one time. We decide to get up and get going around 8AM to be one of the first in line. That works well and we have no wait. We head out of the parkand get to Hinton around 9:30. Dick gasses up, we stop at a nice grocery and Carolyn fixes breakfast before we turn north to Alaska. The road sign even says Hwy 40 "Scenic route to Alaska". The drive is pleasant and the highway is mostly in good shape. The drive follows a river again through forest covered mountains

to Grand Prairie. The original plan was to spend the night here, but it is only a little after 2PM and too early to stop. So we drive on to Dawson Creekafter a stop at a big liquor store and some lunch in the parking lot. We are having trouble again with pull outs along the highway.

It is 80 miles to Dawson Creek and most of the drive is through the rolling plains dotted with small farms.When we get to Dawson Creek, our first stop is at Mile Marker "0" for the traditional pictures. Then we visit the Information Center and load up on maps and booklets on the AlCAN and the points of interest along the way. A very nice young lady tells us about the campgrounds and calls the one that appeals to us. It is a typical private campground, a mix of semi-permanent RVers who are summer workers and one or two-nighters like us. It is well kept, but the sites are tight.

We do some house keeping after five days of off and on rain and get caught up on the computers. Supper tonight is spaghetti and meat sauce out of our homemade freezer supply.
Tomorrow, twenty-six days after we left home we actually start our drive on the ALCAN!

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