Friday, August 7, 2009

Tues, Aug 4: Greybull, WY

The reason for stopping in Greybull is to drive the two scenic byways WY14 and 14A through the Bighorn Mountains. We need to add a bit more driving and go on over to Sheridan on I-90. The KOA owner helped Dick locate a dealer there who has 4 tires of the same kind. The plan now is to replace all the tires since we will be driving the Explorer many miles apart from what the car will be towed. Carolyn read that, on average, you lose a couple of tires on the trip to Alaska and back.

We drive through Shell Canyon, WY14, to Sheridan. This is another fabulous canyon drive.We then spend about an hour at the tire shop getting new shoes and then stop at a Subway on the way out of town and get a picnic lunch. Going back, we drive WY14Athrough the Bighorn Mountains and across the Bighorn Canyon. It is a nice drive, and worth doing,but not as spectacular as some of the others.
We get back to the rig about 3:00PM, do some laundry, visit for awhile with the biker family. The man is a young, retired CFP originally from Holland. He sold his practice and moved to Jackson Hole. He and Dick really hit it off.

We fix some Mexican food for dinner and get the rig ready for an early departure in the morning.

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