Friday, August 7, 2009

Fri, Aug 7: West Glacier, MT and Glacier National Park.

The weatherman is never right. The sky is blue with puffy white clouds this morning! So about 10:30PM we head out to drive the "Going to the Sun Highway" again. Since it is Friday, there is a lot more traffic. We take our time and stop at some of the lookouts we missed yesterday along Lake McDonald. There is a much longer wait at the construction area, but when we get to Logan Pass, we can see down the valley so we drive down to St Mary’s Lake and stop for a view of Jackson Glacier. This is an incredible road and the scenery is spectacular! It needs to be driven both ways as the scenery looks very different going down instead of up or vice verse! It is definitely worth the two trips. It is a 96 mile round trip! Allow four hours!

Back at the west entrance, we stop at Apgar Village to look around and then head back "home". We will go into Canada tomorrow, so Carolyn spends the rest of the afternoon cooking up the fresh food we would otherwise have to throw away and making a meal to heat up tomorrow night. The border crossing may take a long time so she is planning ahead since we have about a six hour drive to Banff.

Dick cooks a steak and we have some fresh local peaches for desert. We work on getting the blog up to date also, since we don’t know when we will have Internet again.

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