Saturday, August 1, 2009

Tues, July 28: Palo Duro Canyon

We awake to a pleasant sunny morning. Dick is up and ready to go by 10AM when he wakes Carolyn to tell her he is on the way into Canyon to see about a hose replacement for the oven burner and to see if he can get a strap on the toad cover fixed. It popped loose for the second time yesterday.
Carolyn rests for a bit longer and then spends time working on the pictures for the Around the World book. Then she walks around the camp site and takes some pictures. Dick gets back about 1PM with a new hose so we can have steak and baked potatoes tonight. He found a guy who can probably fix the strap for the cover later this afternoon; after he comes in from working his cattle!

We enjoy the quiet and the scenery until about 4PM when Dicks leaves to get the toad's cover fixed.By the time he gets back, the breeze has picked up and there are heavy, black clouds building in the West.We fix our dinner outside, but since the rain is now coming our way, we quickly pick up everything and move inside to eat just as the rain hits.And, what a storm we have! The wind rocks the rig, the rain is in solid sheets and we have marble sized hail...enough to make the ground white. It continues to rain after the main storm blows through until the wee hours of the morning and we have a few leaks while the rain is coming down sideways.

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