Saturday, August 1, 2009

Mon, July 27: On the Road to Palo Duro Canyon,TX

We pull out about 10AM and head back to Texas. Then we turn toward Gainesville and on up Hwy. 87/287 to Childress where we turn west and work our way west and north to Palo Duro Canyon State Park on neat, off the beaten path, farm to market roads. It is overcast and looks like it might rain most of the way. The drive is uneventful.

Once we turn west, north of Childress, we are on new roads for us. The countryside is interesting with mini-canyons and neat rock out-croppings. The country side is really suffering with the heat and no rain. We stop at Cap Rock State Park.and comment on the burned up crops and freshly plowed fields long the way. This has been a hard summer in Texas.

Once again the GPS fools us like it did several times in Europe in shows a back road to the Park Gate, but it is permanently closed to through traffic so we make a short detour over to I-27 to Canyon and turn back East to the Park gate.

We get to our campsite about 7PM. It is a delightful site!We have a great view down the Canyon. There are maybe 20 sites in our section, Mesquite Camp, and there are two other camping families. This camp ground is at the back of the park and we have some spectacular views of the Canyon walls and down the Canyon river bed. We have to cross five low-water crossing to get to the Camp site...this will be of interest in two days!

After setting up the rig for a two night stay, Carolyn makes chicken quesadias as an alternative meal since our first choice needed the camp oven and apparently the gas hose to it was left at home! There is a really nice sunset about 9PM, then we call it a day.

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