Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sat, Aug 22: On the Road to Somewhere in Alaska

We are up early...that damn sun! We are heading to Fairbanks now, but probably will not drive the whole way today, if we find a nice place to stop.

The highway down to Tok where we pick up the ALCAN again is even worse in places than the road into Chicken. There was a huge fire through this area, the Fortymile River area, in the summer of 2004. It burned 6 million acres from May to September that year. As far as the eye can see in places there is nothing except the new growth and the fireweed plant that is the first thing to come after a burn. The mountains all have a purple-pink hue right now.

Actually, having seen it before the fire and now is interesting as we can see all the twists and turns of Fortymile River and its streams now that the land is a meadow.
We stop in Tok at the Visitors Center and get a wealth of information on things to do and see in Alaska. Dick saw a lube place as we came into town with big bays. We go back to see about an oil change. The guy can change the oil as soon as he finishes what he is working on. So we have lunch in the rig while we wait. He gets to us very fast and checks everything out. He says we have a wheel problem, probably an alignment issue so that is one more thing we will get checked out in Fairbanks this week.

Back on the ALCAN again, we head to Delta Junction and the official end of the ALCAN. This is another pretty section of the Highway with high mountains on one side and a river on the other.At one point we cross a long bridge over a trickle of water that must be a ragging tourent during the Spring melt from the looks of the river bed.There is a pull off at the end of the bridge, so Dick turns off and drives out to the edge of the river bank. We get out for walk along the rocky shore doing some rock hounding and enjoying the views of the snow capped mountains.

In Delta Junction there is a nice little park area at the 1,422 Mile Marker.Across the street is the old Sullivan Roadhouse that was originally 18 miles down the road. It has been set up like it would have been at the turn of the last century.
Now, heading north on the Richardson Highway, we follow rivers again.It is getting late in the afternoon and we are ready to stop for the day. We find a RV park, Lazy Moose, right on the river with full hook ups and it is empty! Checking it out, we find it is on an honor system so we make ourselves at home and have a pleasant evening, sitting out side in the warm sun watching the river go by!
The park actually has internet too, so Dick contacts Dell about Carolyn’s computer problem and makes arrangements for the screen to be replaced while we are in Fairbanks. Carolyn's computer being out of commission makes get the blog up harder. Dick doesn't share well!

Carolyn fixes a light meal of fettuccini and after a beautiful day we call it quits in the land of the midnight sun!.

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