Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wed, Sept16: Haines

The sky is overcast and it definitely looks like rain.The forecast is for heavy rain most of the day. The only outing we have planned for today is for later this afternoon. The Silver Seas Shadow was in port yesterday, today we have one of the Holland America ships.
We have a lazy breakfast of leftover quiche. Dick does laundry since the campground has good water pressure and a nice laundry area and Carolyn cleans up the rig a little from our dusty ride the other day. It starts raining about 10AM and rains steadily most of the day.
Haines has a good internet system on which we can buy time, so we spend most of the day getting the second volume of the RTW book uploaded, the copy ordered and the Alaska blog up to date.

About 5PM there is a break in the rain so we head out to the Chilkoot River and Lake.
The salmon are running and the grizzlies come to the river late in the day to feed on them. When we drive upstream to the lake the shore is empty. We spend some time watching the salmon on the edge of the lake and a man fishing from a boat. He keeps hooking salmon, but each time he loses it just before it can be netted.

The clouds start to settle down on the lake and the showers begin so we leave the lake and drive back along the river. Much to our delight there is a bear jam

with everyone out on the edge of the river watching a grizzly catch and eat salmon! The bear is on the other side of the river, about 150 yards away. He gets his fill about the time it starts raining hard.

We head back to the rig to dry out and have dinner. We have to check in at the ferry terminal by 6AM.

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