Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sun, Sept 20: On the road to somewhere on the Yellowhead Highway.

It is misting with low clouds this morning. Dick gets the rig and Explorer hooked up and Carolyn finishes posting to this blog. We are on the road about 9:45AM. We drive across the bridge just out of Stewart and have to stop, get out and walk back out on the bridge for a wonderful picture of the morning mist on the river. Then a few miles up the road we stop again for the morning version of Bear Glacier and a pretty misty mountain scene. All this puts Dick in a great mood...we have done 15 miles in 35 minutes. Ideally he wants to make it to Prince George 440 miles away!

Fortunately for Dick, after we get back to the Cassiar Highway, we turn on our latest book and head South. We don’t stop again until we get to the junction with the Yellowhead Highway around 1PM. The drive is still pretty, but we are leaving fall so the colors aren’t as striking.The road is good, the clouds lift and again there is no traffic so we make good time.

Once we turn East onto the Yellowhead Highway, the traffic really picks up along with congestion. We are back to civilization with houses and businesses along the highway. The countryside is changing too. We are leaving the mountains and getting into rolling hills with many farms.The road is still following various rivers and we see a lot of people wade fishing. We also pass several nice looking lakes. The best thing that happens is the sun comes out!

We stop for lunch at a rest area and get to Prince George about 7PM. It has been one of those long driving days that happen once in a while on a trip as long as this one. We stop at a KFC in town and get dinner to go. Then we turn South again onto Hwy 97 and find a Good Sam campground just out of town.

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