Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mon, Sept 7, Labor Day: Houston (Alaska)

Since it is Labor Day, we opt for one more night here. From the look of the traffic on the Parks Highway in front of the campground, it was a wise decision.

Carolyn fixes a country breakfast and Dick gets the laundry started. Later Dick gets the pictures from the last few days downloaded and Carolyn gets the blog up to date. She also uploads to the publisher's website the now complete first volume of our RTW picture book. That takes over an hour, but it is done...now we just have to finish volumes 2, 3 and 4 then do the one for Alaska!

It is another nice day so after a late lunch of hot dogs, we check out the empty campground. There is a river at the back.Everybody was gone by noon.

Then we head back down to Wasila, about 15 miles away, to visit the Iditarod Museum and some of the sled dogs who have run the race.The museum is mostly a gift shop with some race memorabilia, but they do have information on all the winners of the modern races going back to 1973 and a nice video made during and after the 2008 race. We also visit with some of the sled dogs. They are so excited when they get in the harnesses! They can hardly wait to go and if they don’t get to run,they look so dejected!The dogs are so small, it is hard to believe they can work so hard so long.

Back at the rig we have cocktails and fix Mexican food. After dinner, Dick packs most of the outside stuff away. Tomorrow we head down to Homer.

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