Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wed, Sept 9: Kenai

The weather is still iffy...cloudy with a shower this morning. We fix a nice breakfast and decide to stay here one more night. It is a nice campground with a great view we can enjoy even from the inside of the rig if it is rainingAbout 10AM the sun comes out so we make a break for it. Our first stop is at the little Holy Assumption of the Virgin Mary Russian Orthodox Church, built in 1895. It is part of the Russian heritage if the area; Kenai was one of three Russian settlements.

Then we head up the coast to Cook State Park at the top of the Peninsula. Hopefully we will see some salmon.The park is broken into several sections including a nice dry campground on the bluff overlooking the Inlet,but there is no fishing activity. Actually there isn’t anyone in the campground except the host and just a few cars in the parking lot.

We drive back to the Sterling highway and head back toward Anchorage to see if we can spot a wood craft shop we sailed by yesterday, but apparently it is father back than we realize so we turn back to Soldatna to check out the salmon fishing boardwalk at the visitors center. In 2002 there were plenty of salmon in the river and lots of fisherman trying to catch them. Today we see no fish in the water and only two men trying their luck. Dick talks to one and he says the fish come when they want to!

The other guy across the river had some luck as he is cleaning 3 big salmon.Then we go on to the Kenai Landing,an old cannery from 1922. It is open to walk around, but all the tourist activity is closed up. From the look of what we have seen of the Peninsula so far, it is really suffering from the down turn in the economy. There are many empty buildings for sale and not too much tourist activity even though we are in the peak of the fishing and hunting season.

Back at the rig, Carolyn works on the blog and the RTW books and Dick goes back to the store for a steak to grill tonight since it isn’t raining and we have such a nice view to enjoy. We will try for Homer tomorrow.

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