Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fri, Sept 11: On the road to Somewhere on the Glenn Highway

It is not raining when we wake, but there are heavy low clouds all around. We are tired of the rain and decide to skip the Homer activities and its rain. So, we head out and begin the trek home. On the way off the spit we take a few pictures, one of the Salty Dawg Saloon a local landmark on the spit and one looking at the spit from town.We still have a few stops we want to make in East and Southeast Alaska, but these are all basically in the direction of home.

As we climb back up to the top of the bluff out of Homer, the sun breaks through the heavy fog/clouds.By the time we get to Anchor Point about 15 miles up the road, the skies have cleared some. We make a stop at the end of the most westerly road in North America and check out the fishing on Anchor River at the old bridge. We can see the Aleutian Mountains a little better today.

We turn east at Soldotna and do a shopping stop. We are running low on the fresh stuff again. Then we stop at the Russian River ferry crossing.It is a place where rafters and fishermen can access the river and the opposite shore. There are a lot of people out today. This area from Russian River past Kenai Lake is really beautiful. We are glad the skies have cleared some so we can enjoy the beautiful Fall scenery.

Tren Lake at the junction of Sterling and Stuart Highways is flat calm and Carolyn can’t resist the chance to try for a nice reflection picture.
There are usually swans and loons on the lake, but not today.
We continue on to Anchorage stopping for a pictures at Canyon Creek,
Portage Glacier viewpoint and along the Turnagain Arm.It is low tide and makes an interesting picture.
We manage to get to Anchorage at rush hour. But traffic is a piece of cake compared to what we are used to in Houston. Our goal for tonight was to get to the Glenn Highway and we did. We stop five miles past the junction and set up camp at Fox Run Campground. We actually stayed here in 2002. It is a small family owned set-up. We will now probably spend a couple of days along the Glenn Highway and in Copper River Valley. We know from our first trip, that this is world class scenery through here. We did not do it justice last time. Hopefully the rain will stay away. Afterwards we will head back across the north west of Canada to Southeast Alaska; Haines and Skagway.

It is nice to be outside to fix dinner on the grill; steak and baked potatoes, of course. That makes cooking so much easier in our small space!

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