Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sat, Sept 5: On the road to Somewhere on the Parks Highway

We wake up to another fabulous day. In fact ,the sky is totally blue, not a cloud in sight. The plan is to drive south until we find a suitable camping site and park for at least two days over the Labor Day weekend... seeing the changing views of Denali...a perfect day for the activity!

We are slow as usual getting off and since we have been dry camping we have to fill and empty the various tanks. About 10AM we head to the station and of course Dick strikes up a conversation with a guy from Arkansas while working on the rig. We finally leave the park about 11AM heading south for Anchorage.
We stop at several spots on the side of the roadfor pictures as we head south.We also stop at the North View site in Denali State Park,where we can also see one of the many glaciers in the Alaska Range,at Hurricane Gulchand at the South View sitein Denali State Park. Mount McKinley is really showing its stuff today. The Highway roadside is thick with parked Alaskans' cars as they all take pictures of the Mountain! Those not taking pictures are calling their friends to tell them to get out and see the Mountain!
We first try for a camping stop at Talkeenta, a historic mining town in the shadow of Mt McKinley.There is only one campground and it only has three very undesirable full hook-up sites so we give it a pass...we want full services tonight! Since the town is having a holiday Market over the weekend, we move on down the road thinking we will stop at a "Good Sam" park down the road a bit and go back tomorrow. It turns out to be a gravel parking lot so we head on, passing two more, less than wonderful, riverside campgrounds.
About 5PM, in Houston, Alaska, after a food market stop for bread and eggs, we finally find a nice "green" campground with full hook ups that backs up to a river. They have Internet too, so we settle in for the next two or three days.
Dick gets the rig set up and Carolyn gets things ready for a steak and potato night.We enjoy sitting outside with cocktails while watching the world go by. It has been a busy five days so we call it a night as the sun goes down.

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