Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sun, Sept 27: On the road to West Yellowston, MT

We spent a restful night in Bozeman, MT and did not smell the smoke from the fires to the west during the night nor when we awoke this morning. The sky is clear and it is cool but not cold. We spend the morning working on the blog and the rig. We are planning to meet some friends at their home in Big Sky, MT. Dick and Trish worked together for seven years and she and her husband built a retirement home in Big Sky.

We stop at an Appleby's for lunch and then head south on Hwy 191 toward Big Sky.Right on time we meet our friends and drive to their home where we spend two plus hours visiting and admiring their collection of western art.

About 4PM we bid them goodbye and drive the 50 or so miles through the high valleydown to West Yellowstone, MT. There are cars in many of the pull offs. Men are having a great Sunday afternoon fishing.
At West Yellowstne we get a nice campsite at Grizzly RV Park right in town. This is one of the nicest parks we have seen. There is a freeze warning for tonight (26F) and we are cautioned to disconnect the water hose from the faucet and the rig before retiring.
After some discussion, we decide that we will stay here tomorrow night also and drive the Explorer into Yellowstone instead of trying to find a campsite in the park. We take a walk and admire the shiny rigs parked around us. They sure make our dirty one look sad but those have not traveled as far over muddy roads as ours has. I think both of us are toying with the idea of upgrading our rig in size and we have already talked about going to the RV show in January.

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